The sole purpose for the establishment of Idara-e-Tanzeem-e-Mahdavia(ITM) in the year 1973 was to keep and sincerely spread the true essence of Islam i.e Practicing the religion in every step of life as ordered by ALLAH Almighty in His book The QURAN and true obedience of the teachings of Prophet Syed Muhammad (PBUH) and The Promised Mahdi, Hzt. Syed Mohammed Juanpuri (AHS) along with a methodology known as “TAQLEED” that helps followers of the spiritual guide to live life in a Jurisdiction that makes sure the purpose of Life is fulfilled by presenting examples from the biography of The Caliphs, their contempories (companions) of both PropheT Syed Muhammed(PBUH) & The Promised Mahdi, Hzt. Syed Mohammed Juanpuri (AHS) and other spiritual guides thereafter.

Under the guidance of Hzt Syed Najmuddin sahib Yadullahi Rh the Idara was started and Muhib-e-millat Hzt Maqsood Ali khan sahib was made the Head of the Idarah. The first gathering was also held under the leadership and Guidance of Hzt Syed Najmuddin sahib Yadullahi Rh. For the first four years gathering/meetings were held occasionally for the awareness of important occasion to the young generation. Slowly and steadily the young generation started to associate themselves with the working of the Idara. Thereafter every month meetings, seminars and symposium were held for the upliftment of the young generation.

In the year 1983, members of the Idara decided to amend the present constitution for efficient working and structuring the system of the Idara, and bylaws of the Idara publish also for publice,and Following this in the year 1985 it was decide to get the IDara register at ‘Registration of Society’ with this bylaws thus it was done with registration number 1026/85.

Idare Tanzeem e Mehdavia along with its members was working selflessly towards the purpose of its establishment and in this regard every month gatherings were held which were addressed by the spiritual guides of the time. Many symposiums were conducted by the Idara, however the most successful symposiums held was namely :

1. Mahdaviat completes Islam,

2. Propogation of Mahdaviat by the Caliphs of the Promised Mahdi.,

3. Present degeneration and correction of way of living.

4. Importance of Jurisdiction (Dairah) in Mahdaviat.

To address public officially, a booklet by the name “NOOR-E-VILAYAT” was introduced in the year 1979 and Alhamdulliah till date it is being published without fail on the 3rd of every month. Credit goes to the sincere work being done by Muhib-e-millat Hzt Maqsood Ali khan sahib who personally oversees the publication takes place on time.

Precisely it can be stated that this Idara belongs to the young generation of the time and it is the guidance and blessing of the spiritual guides of the Mahdavia Community that the constitution and the purpose of the Idara is still intact.

The Idara was headed and lead by Muhib-e-millat Hzt.maqsood ali khan. Mr.Syed Abdula Ather. Dr. Abu Mohammed Syed Lateef saif. Mr Sarvor Ali Khan. Mr. Hafz.Syed Abdul Aziz Ahsan. Mr.Mohammed Naimathullah Khan sufi. Mr.Abul Faiz Syed Ahmed Abid. Mr Afzal Ahmed Khan. and presently being headed by Hzt Mohammad Naimatullah Khan Sufi.

The head of Idarah were well supported by the deputy and the general secretaries treasurer and additional secretaries namely Mr. Mohammed khaja osawi , Mr. M.A. Hameed, Mr. Syed Ehtesham Mehdi, Mr.Syed Taqiuddin Ahmed, Mr.Syed Shareef, Mr.Mushtaq Ahmed osawi, Mr. Syed Azmathullah. Mr.Syed Noo rul Huda Najeeb, Mr. Syed Mosa Moheenuddin Yadulahi . Mr. Javed Mehdi Khudavandi, Mr.Hafz.Syed Abdul qader Azam, Mr. Mohammed Azam Khan, Mr.Khaja Mujeebuddin Khan Sandozai & Mr. Syed Qasim Ali.

Idare Tanzeem e Mehdavia for the propagation of ‘Deen-e-Mahdi is working in various ways one being the publication of books written by various scholars of the community, not only in Urdu but also in English and Roman English keeping in mind the best possible way to make the young generation understand the literature. In its Forty years of establishment, eighty books have been published through the Idara and another Five are on the course for the publication. List of published books can be found in the section-Books.

Another way for the propagation is by visiting the places where many Mahdavia brothers resides. Idare Tanzeem e Mehdavia coordinates with the local people and organize gathering/meetings headed by the spiritual guides/scholars for the better awareness and understanding of ‘Deen-e-Mahdi’. It was Idara -e Tanzeem e Mehdavia that took the initiative to publish the literature related to the teachings of Promised Mahdi in the newspaper on the occasion of Milad.

Idare Tanzeem e Mehdavia & specifically Muhib-e-millat Hzt Maqsood Ali khan sahib worked sincerely, selflessly and tirelessly to make sure that the young generation of the time should always be inclined towards the religion and to uplift the qualities(presentation through speech or writings) of the young generation that in turn help them serving the Mahdavia community in the best possible manner.